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Chimneys cleaned €40

Boiler & Chimney Combo €100

Oil Boiler Serviced €80

Welcome to Grahame Gibbons Ideal Boilers

Grahame Gibbons Ideal Boilers provides clients in Limerick and Kerry with a comprehensive boiler servicing, boiler repair and chimney cleaning service.
Based in Athea, County Limerick and operating throughout West Limerick and North Kerry. Grahame Gibbons Ideal Boilers has amassed 20 years of experience in boiler, range and stove repair and servicing.
We don’t charge a call-out fee and there are no hidden charges or hidden extras.
Boilers should be tested by an experienced technician and parts should be only replaced with top quality original parts.

Boiler Servicing and Repair

Chimney Cleaning

Getting Your Boiler Tested

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Boiler Service Checklist

Commissioning New Boiler Installations

Service and repairs carried out on all major models including:

☑ Firebird

☑ Grant

☑ Warmflow

☑ Stanley

☑ Rayburn

☑ Anton

We’re a company that’s celebrating 20 years of providing some of the best boiler servicing and boiler repair solutions to Limerick and Kerry.

Call us now to take advantage of our €80 full boiler service.

Boiler Servicing and Repair

Don’t wait for Winter breakdowns; get your boiler fully serviced now! Grahame Gibbons Ideal Boilers provides:

  • Carbon Dioxide Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Nozzle Replacement
  • Efficiency Testing
  • Hot Water Cylinder and Immersion Element Replacement
  • Circulating Pump Replacement

For 20 years we’ve remained one of the most competitively priced boiler serving companies available. All our boiler servicing is completed with a Flue Gas Analyser to measure boiler efficiency and save you money.
With Grahame Gibbons Ideal Boilers you don’t have to compromise on price or on the quality of service.

Get in contact now to take advantage of our €80 full boiler service today.

Chimney Cleaning

We’re celebrating 2 decades of offering the very best chimney cleaning services to clients in Limerick and Kerry. The secret to our longevity is our fast, efficient and professional approach. We’re a completely customer focused chimney cleaning company and always offers our clients the lowest possible prices.
Our team of chimney cleaners offer an extremely professional service that quickly removes soot from all chimneys whilst maintaining a neat and tidy workflow. Our team strives to cause the minimum amount of disruption to a home or business throughout the chimney cleaning process.
Utilising the state of the art, Power Rod System we ensure clients a thoroughly clean, soot-free chimney.
We offer a professional service at an unrivalled rate.

Have us clean your chimney for the low price of €40 euro today.

Getting Your Boiler Tested

Your boiler should be tested by an experienced technician who uses only top quality original replacement parts.
We carry our servicing and repairs on all major brands including:

  • Firebird
  • Grant
  • Warmflow
  • Stanley
  • Rayburn

To prevent dangerous carbon monoxide and smoke escaping from oil appliances – and to maintain peak efficiency of your oil appliance – an annual boiler service should be a priority.

For more information on boiler testing please get in contact with Grahame Gibbons Ideal Boilers today.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is produced when kerosene or diesel or an oil part fails to combust properly. It is known as the silent killer as it is a colourless and odourless gas.
A number of problems can cause carbon monoxide, such as:

  • Blocked Combustion Chamber
  • Incorrect Levels of Oil Delivery
  • Incorrect Air Input
  • Blockage
  • Fuel Contamination
  • Loose or Faulty Flue System etc.

All these problems can be identified and corrected by simple booking an annual boiler service.
An annual boiler service normally covers its own cost because your appliance continues to operate at peak efficiency, and there is much less chance of a breakdown.

If you’re worried about carbon monoxide get in contact with Grahame Gibbons Ideal Boilers now for a full boiler service for only €80.

Boiler Service Checklist

☑ Remove, check the boilers access door seal

☑ Remove and clean the water jacket and baffles
☑ Check the water jacket for signs of corrosion or damage to the baffles
☑ Remove the burner, clean the blast tube and electrodes
☑ Clean the photocell
☑ Check and clean the air intake
☑ Clean inbuilt oil pump filter
☑ Check and if necessary adjust the oil pump output pressure
☑ Check for oil leaks around joints and seals throughout the boiler
☑ Make sure the boiler is properly ventilated
☑ Check the main high limit thermostat for correct operation
☑ Carry-out a flue gas analysis check for correct levels of:

  • Oxygen O2
  • Carbon Monoxide CO
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2
  •  CO/CO2 Ratio
  • Excess air
  • Flue Temperature
  • Efficiency

Once these parameters are correct and within tolerance, your boiler will be operating at maximum efficiency and it will be more environmentally friendly.

Don’t wait for a breakdown to get your boiler serviced, get in contact with Grahame Gibbons Ideal Boilers now for a full boiler service.

Commissioning New Boiler Installations

New boiler installations should be commissioned by a competent technician before being used.
All new boilers come with a passport which should be completed and returned to the manufacturer in order to keep the warranty valid.
Proper commissioning will ensure the long life of you boiler from day one. Your boiler settings are pre-set at the factory and may not be exact, the commissioning process ensures your boiler is running at optimal efficiency.
During the commissioning process the following checks are undertaken:

  • Front door removed, to check baffles are located correctly after transit
  • Oil line is purged of air
  • Oil pressure checked
  • Fire valve checked
  • Thermostats checked to ensure they are located in correct pockets
  • High-level thermostat tested
  • Pressure relief valve checked
  • Air bleed valve checked
  • Remove burner to check nozzle size and spray angle
  • Flue gas analyser test and use results to complete the passport document

Get in contact with Grahame Gibbons Ideal Boilers now for a new boiler installation.


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